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This is the Rolls Royce under the Hydrogen Inhalation Machines. Using white gold in its process without any additional chemicals. Intended for medical use in Hospitals & Spas and now for the first time also available for private people who take Hydrogen inhalation serious and want powerful clinical results. 1200+ ml/min gas output. 

FREE SHIPPING WORLD WIDE included. Value of anything from 400 – 800$ further savings.  Total savings up to 1600$. 

Please contact Heather at to purchase your machine or in case of applying to become an affiliate for this new device. 

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*Contact Heather for possible discounts*

If you are looking for the best Hydrogen Water on the planet then this is your choice. At 1.6 PPM this machine produces the most densely saturated hydrogen water possible under regular atmospheric pressure. This is 100% made in Japan. High quality membrane that won’t break like the Chinese ones sold everywhere. It’s also using the highest grade titanium only available in Japan. This is a safe and very easy machine to use for everyone.

Special discount is over. Please contact Heather at to purchase your machine. She might be able to arrange a better price.

(Update: This is the safest machine on the market that allows you to tap into hydrogen in a simple, easy and very safe manner.)