Ancient Egyptians Used This Technology

Amidst the broken pottery in Ancient Egypt the archeologists found these peculiar glass pieces of a deep dark violet nature. It is not until recently that science is beginning to discover what the Ancient Ones knew a long time go. 

Quantum Physics has firmly proven that everything is energy and light. The human body, plants and all living creatures emit visible light waves. Seen through sensitive cameras, we literally glow. This light is closely linked to our natural biorhythms that follows the Sun. 

Biophotonics is the scientific study of the relationship between light, energy and the human body. Placing emphasis on the importance of light and energy in sustaining life, the word itself comes from the Greek ‘bios’, meaning ‘life’, and ‘phos’, meaning ‘light’.

This Violet Miron Glass found in Egypt is exactly that… Life and Light technologies used for charging the water and preserving their foods and medicines. 

While Biophotonic glass is used to preserve cosmetics, it is also being produced for use as water bottles due to its structuring effect on the water crystals. Violet light has a higher frequency than any other form of light and is also the same frequency as the human nervous system. It can penetrate Biophotonic glass, designed to energise its contents for the benefit of our health by preserving alkalinity and maintaining freshness.

Drinking from a Biophotonic glass bottle is not only environmentally friendly, minimising the use of harmful plastic and BPA/BPS consumption, but some believe it also has the potential to support general wellbeing by maintaining the natural energy our system needs for healthy bodily function. When filled, Biophotonic glass water bottles can be ‘charged’ in direct sunlight for around an hour to allow UV rays to penetrate the glass and ‘boost’ the water.

Violet Miron glass is a great way to cheaply structure your water while receiving the Photon quantum information field of our own Sun and Cosmos. Water is a supercomputer waiting to release these essential life supporting “codes” of Light and Life. 

My greatest wish and hope is for you to re-connect to the essence and spirit of water. Because once you understand and remember what water really is, you will never look at it in the same way again. 

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