What is Mindfulness?

The first time I was introduced to the word mindfulness was when I was faced with the Zen buddhist teachings many years ago. I have trained Japanese martial Arts since I was 9 years old and truly enjoy the Zen approach to many tings in life over the years.

However the concept of MindFulness I immediately felt it was a word that somehow missed out on the essence of what all Buddhists where searching for. Moksha, or enlightenment.

Let me explain. Mind full……. Implies a mind that is full. Having a full mind isn’t a great achievement. If it was, there would be a whole lot more liberated beings on this planet than there is right now.

We are all busy with our lives. Don’t know how to shut off and relax our constant chatter box we call the mind. In fact, we are more stressed than ever because of it.

Our minds are already full. Mindfulness describes very poorly the essence of what pure awareness is. Which is what it’s all about on both martial arts and in Buddhism.

Being aware. Or being conscious is a more precise way to describe what is trying to be achieved by the student.

I heard it being said often: Try be mindful when you speak. To me it sounds like you need to THINK about what you’re saying before saying it. It’s a very mental process. But then again, Buddhism is in many cases a very mental philosophy.

Being conscious and aware when you speak has a different subtle more “open” invitation to it. Without the mind you can actually speak clearly and often you end up saying things you didn’t even know you knew. In fact you didn’t, but it was said anyway. Through you.

Have you ever had this feeling of complete surrender and flow in a conversation? Where “you” seem to step aside and “disappear”? No thinking is happening? Only words flowing out your mouth and you have no idea what you’re saying and what you’re talking about? Yet somehow it was some of the most profound things you ever said right?

Where was the “full mind” in that? Nowhere. In truth the mind is way overrated in our society. It often stands in the way of true intelligence.

Let’s stick to speech as an example of “mindfulness” vs. “no mind” for a moment.

Did you know your Heart has the largest electro magnetic field in your whole body? Much bigger than your brain?

That the heart has neurons just like the brain has?

The first thing that develops in a fetus is the heart. Out of the Heart comes the tip of the tongue and as it grows out along comes the spine, chest cavity etc. much later the brain develops. Out of the Heart.

There is a sack around the heart that goes up through your neck and merges with the tip of your tongue.  Your Heart and your Tongue is literally connected. Your tongue is NOT connected to your brain in the same way.

So when your mind is full, while you’re speaking, your literally disconnecting speech from source. We even have a saying such as: This guy is speaking from his Heart. We can literally hear the difference. Or rather feel it.

When we experience ourselves speak from our Hearts it feels very different doesn’t it? Where is the mind in this? So instead of saying be mindful when you speak, I would rather say be Heart-full when you speak.

The more you surrender than mind of yours, the less “mind full” you become.

Spirituality has nothing to do with the intellect. It doesn’t take a high IQ to merge with the divine essence of your own self. Once we let the divine take over our lives, we realize “it” can run our lives way better than we even could dream of our selves.

In our society today Surrender is looked upon as weakness, when in fact in a spiritual sense it’s the most crucial and necessary step in spiritual evolution.

The ancients knew this very well as they where fully aware of how the mind need to surrender for anything meaningful to happen within ourselves.

You can’t fix a broken tool with a broken tool. The mind is extremely limited by its own very nature. It can’t help itself.

Originally humans where Heart based beings following the flow of creation. Living in unity consciousness and yet have an imagined sense of separation enabling us to “play the game” of life in 3d Earth.

Kind of same way you sit and watch a movie and get emphatically identified with the main character of the movie feeling the same emotions they go through. Yet we still have this sense of being the watcher of the movie.

Now imagine you completely forgot you where actually watching the movie. You got so caught up in the story you completely forgot everything and 100% identified your self with this imaginary character.

This is what happened to humanity. Everybody thinks they are real. Completely sucked into the dream character. The game. The story. This is only possible by identification with the mind.

God forgot it was God. God “became” the mind. This is how it gets its power and life force. The mind has become the playground where God is playing “hide and seek” with itself.

It’s all in divine order, however, this game has been played for a long long time now. And some of these individual characters are beginning to say: been there, done that, bought the T-shirt. They have reached a level of maturity. Or rather, they have been wearing this “game” down to such a degree its falling apart.

One starts seeing the emptiness of all things. Sex, Money, fame, careers etc.

These things start loosing their meaning. You enter an area where the mind cannot go. You’re looking for a higher purpose. Higher meaning. And deep inside you know there is a letting go of a large part of your identity involved.

This is the journey beyond the mind. All the things you know are either already going bye bye or they are about to.  There is a time of “in between” and its referred to as the Dark night of the Soul. Where meaning and purpose is gone. And things “fall away”.

For some this lasts a lifetime. For others it happens in a very short time. It depends on your internal setup.

But a new purpose will arise eventually. I can guarantee you it won’t be about “me, myself and I”. The outer world will be an expression of the inner reality.


The little “I” will take a back seat for the larger collective SELF. You will get up each morning available for the world in a new way the small mind would never have dreamt off.

You won’t be Mindful anymore.

You will be Heartful.