Vortex Your Water On The Go

So people asked me how do I structure my water when on the road? 

In the previous email I mentioned spinning your water was one of the great ways to actually create real living water. 

Science has figured out that the waters INSIDE our cells are very different from the waters OUTSIDE our cells. And that the waters from the healing springs all over the world resemble much more the structured crystalline waters INSIDE our cells. 

Drinking what is called in the scientific communities “metabolic water”enhances all the body’s functions to optimal. 

In this video below I’ll share one of the ways you can create metabolic living water when out in restaurants or in airports etc. and there is no access to real living water. 

There are many ways to structure water. Spinning is just one of them. Spinning water is great but the body needs all the different kinds of waters Mother Nature makes. 

You would be surprised in how many ways water are being structured in Nature. In fact I keep on finding new ways and techniques. Water keeps on teaching me its little secrets step by step. 

In this Water Weekend Retreat I’ll be sharing all the old and the new ways Water has been teaching me over the years. I hope your relationship to water is not just some static journey of “Oh I got it. Thanks…. That’s it” relationship. 

Just like a human being we keep on discovering more and more nuances and dimensions to them. Keep the curiosity of a child. With a grown up’s wisdom. This is how I go about this mysterious liquid. 

So if you feel like sharing your fascination and playful approach to water, learn something new. Even if you think you know it all. Then come join the Watery Party 😉 

Anyway… Here you go: Spinning Your Water on the Go 😉

My greatest wish and hope is for you to re-connect to the essence and spirit of water. Because once you understand and remember what water really is, you will never look at it in the same way again. 

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