Re-Vitalize Your Water With This Simple Biohack

When water runs down the creeks and rivers it flows around the pebbles and rocks making its way downstream in a sacred vortex dance of nature. 

This universal vortex movement happens everywhere in both the macro and micro cosmos. From the churning of the spiralling galaxies all the way down to the spin of the atoms and photons. 

The spin of life is sacred and water is brought back to life in this fashion. One of the tricks to structure water back to its coherent crystalline nature is to imitate this very spin, that nature does so perfectly itself. 

Water companies are selling these expensive devices that cost everything from $500 and up. They run on AC current that effects the waters quality and agitates it. The machine also makes lots of noise while it only spins for 27 min and then you need to restart it again. 

My little idea here costs $60 and runs on DC current which is much less problematic for the water. 

It is totally quiet and because of that it can even sit on your tabletop to enjoy watching the vortex.
You will visually connect the the water element before drinking it. 

Oh and did I mention it doesn’t stop? It keeps on charging the water until you wish to drink it. 

Vortexed water can be male or female. There are ways to enhance specific properties that I cannot go into in this email as it goes way beyond the scope of this message. 

My greatest wish and hope is for you to re-connect to the essence and spirit of water. Because once you understand and remember what water really is, you will never look at it in the same way again. 

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