Japanese Hydrogen Purity vs. American Mentality

If you wish to support me in getting the Lourdes Hydrofix as well and you are ordering it PLEASE use my coupon code. You will also get a 29$ money back return.

Initially they offered the Hydrogen Bag for free if you used the code in your check out. But they ran out of bags and can’t get more due to the Covid-19 situation. So instead they refund the value to you – 29$.

You will need to add the coupon code manually in the Notes when doing the checkout. Here is the Code: DHARMA-HX1H2B

Here is the link to their website: https://holyhydrogen.com/discount/DHARMA-HX1H2B

And again I THANK YOU for helping me to also get to access this amazing device. I wouldn’t be able to afford this without your help.

Much appreciated.

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