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Discover A Powerful Ancient Way of Being

Deprogram your mind. Dissect it's Tendencies. Detox your Life.

Join The Heart Flow Program now to begin manifesting a fulfilled Life from the Heart.

We live in a world where are hyper-focused on our minds, our intellects and our thoughts. Yet ...

  • Our minds obscure our true nature and capabilities
  • Our minds don't actually manifest the lives we desire

We might get what we want or feel like we are getting close… but we also get what we don’t want and end up further away then when we started. 

We might overthink and analyze the past, hindering our healing, our forgiveness, or our progress. At the same time we might look to an ideal future, missing the very actions and strategies needed in the present moment to make that future a reality. 

We also aren’t fulfilled in our minds because we are continuously … 

  • Judging ourselves and others, comparing aspects of our lives to others.
  • Isolated, selfishly focusing on ourselves. 'What's in it for me?' 'What am I getting out of this?'
  • Tired and exhausted... we aren't loving our work, our relationships aren't fulfilling, and we feel trapped.

We can get by like this… but at one point, you will realize that there is something more to it, and the nature of the mind will become unbearable. 

There’s actually another way of being, another way to attract the purpose of your life, another way to find clarity on why you are here, another way of relating to others and another way of creating the nature of your life. And it’s not through the mind… 

We created the HeartFlow program to help you discover this way of being, and have direct access to it. HeartFlow is an online course where you can login to a powerful set of tools, practices, wisdom and knowledge to help you turn off the mind and find the present moment, find creativity, detox your body and mind, and find your ancient and powerful imagination. 

With this I invite you to now begin to explore this to attract truth, clarity and new experiences, and move forward in your live with a vivid, living and breathing imagination. 

Transform and Enter Your Heart with the following Lessons, Teachings & Practices

  • Dissect the mind and it's tendencies, it's nature & it's limitations
  • Dive into deep guided meditations and hands-on practices at home
  • Discover epic detoxing protocols to rejuvenate the body and mind
  • Join the Live Events with Josh and access the recordings

Two Videos From Inside The Course

Get Access to the powerful Tools and Practices to achieve ...


Wherever you might currently be stuck in relationships, work, business or creativity. Entering your Heart is a powerful way to find the answers and step back into flow and ease in your life.


Sometimes we can feel trapped or isolated, as this is the nature of our mind. Everything changes when you have a bird’s eye view from an expanded heart-based consciousness.


The multi-dimensional deep love can be expressed from simple appreciation of a flower, to dissolution into the divine supernova of love consciousness. What you will experience is up to you.


This is your true, essential, boundless essence of being. This is what you really are. This is the end of the journey. This is what brought you here and this is where you are going.


The first expression from the zero point field of creation carries the simple and innocent qualities of endless compassion. This is the first apsect of the manifest in this universe.


Empathy can only truly exist for the person who lives a life of unity. Only when you see yourself in others, can you deeply feel empathy from your heart.