We have a dedicated thread in our Dharma Forum where you can check-in, let us know how your fast is going and ask Dr. Robert about fasting directly. 

Fasting Information

For basic info about fasting, everyone can go to my old vidaclara.com website and read the fasting info available there. The experienced ones will have no problems. Anyone with personal health problems can email to me a brief overview of their health situation and I can tell them what I recommend. 

Most likely the people who are somewhat fearful because of health problems, they can do a juice ‘fast’ for the three days. If they have never done anything like this before, a juice ‘fast’ is a good and easy introduction. The vidaclara.com site has info on preparing for fasting… though the original intention of that website’s preparation info was for people coming to our retreat in Belize for longer fasts. With our current 3-day program, a much shorter prep time is sufficient. 

Essentially it is this:

  • If the person is quite thin, then eat more high-quality food than normal for Sunday and Monday. Then on Tuesday do one full day of only juicing – fruit juice then veg juice, then fruit juice then another veg juice, etc. Then Wednesday we begin the water fast.
  • If the person is normal weight or overweight, then they can eat normally Sunday and Monday, only juices Tuesday, the begin water-only fasting Wednesday. Or, if they prefer, have only juices on both Monday and Tuesday, then water-only beginning Wednesday.
  • If anyone has health problems and they want to go more slowly, they can continue juicing for the 3 fasting days, and they should do just fine.

Everyone can look at the Fasting info on the vidaclara.com site to get a good feel for the nuts and bolts of water fasting. After everyone reads and understands the basics of proper fasting, we can go into our little program with confidence.