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Weekly Live Streams

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Your Host Joshua

Passionate Researcher, Biohacker, Martial Arts Master & Spiritual Guide. 

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What Will The Live Events Be About?

We will explore together everything that empowers you, uplifts you, educates and brings you closer to the truth on all levels. This journey we take together as a tribe where we will connect to other kindred spirits, brothers and sisters, and soul family. In today’s world it is important to connect and uplift ourselves and others in the collective. Here you will have a voice and be seen for who you truly are. We will touch upon a wide array of topics involving body, mind & spirit, the global collective and even the cosmos. Joshua will be sharing any mystical insights and experiences aiming towards his overall mission and vision that got imprinted in him on the other side, through his multiple near-death experiences. We are here to wake up together as a collective and bring as many as we can with us in the process. 

We will touch upon topics such as: 

There will also be Guided Meditations, Breathwork and for those interested there will be suggestions for Homework and Daily Practices. On top of our free Forum there will also be a dedicated, exclusive Forum for the Weekly Live Event participants, where we are a small core group discussing details from the previous Live Evens. Joshua will be present there on a daily basis. 

Previous Dharma Live Sessions

Dharma Session #1: Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the Ascension Molecule. It is multi-dimensional and vibrates at the frequency of love. In this webinar we geek out on Hydrogen for over 2 hours. Buckle your seat belts and come for a ride. 

Dharma Session #2: Joshua's Story

Many have told me to write a book about my life as there is so much to share. Here I am talking about my Story as many asked and I guess you wanted to know who this guy is.

Dharma Session #3: How To Live In The Heart

This is my life’s work. Perceiving Life from the Heart not the Head. In this Session we start diving into this broad topic by looking at what went ‘wrong’ in the first place. How come we as human beings dropped out of the heart? 

Dharma Session #4: Live on May 16th - 12PM EST

We are meeting again this Saturday for another Dharma Live Session.

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Weekly Live Streams

We will be hosting the live streams in Zoom, the leading webinar and video-conferencing software. 

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You will be member of the Private Dharma Portal Forums and able to ask Exclusive Questions. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, for each of the weekly live events there will be a replay. So don’t worry if you cannot make it to one of the live streams. The replay will be sent to your inbox after the live event. 

Yes – using ZOOM you will be able to write us your question or switch on your webcam and ask your question on video. We are going to be stopping for questions and answers very often during these live events, the interaction is what makes it fun. 

When you register you will be able to attend with one computer, but that doesn’t stop you from sharing the live events with a loved one or friend. You can participate together. 

The live streams take place each Saturday at 12PM Eastern Time. The 1st live stream takes place on April 25th. 

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