Hydrogen is the Ascension Molecule. It is multi-dimensional and vibrates at the frequency of love. In this webinar we geek out on Hydrogen for over 2 hours. Buckle your seat belts and come for a ride. 

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What Are We Talking About?

There will also be Guided Meditations, Breathwork and for those interested there will be suggestions for Homework and Daily Practices. On top of our free Forum there will also be a dedicated, exclusive Forum for the Weekly Live Event participants, where we are a small core group discussing details from the previous Live Evens. Joshua will be present there on a daily basis. 

Previous Dharma Live Sessions

Dharma Session #1: Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the Ascension Molecule. It is multi-dimensional and vibrates at the frequency of love. In this webinar we geek out on Hydrogen for over 2 hours. Buckle your seat belts and come for a ride. 

Dharma Session #2: Joshua's Story

Many have told me to write a book about my life as there is so much to share. Here I am talking about my Story as many asked and I guess you wanted to know who this guy is.

Dharma Session #3: How To Live In The Heart

This is my life’s work. Perceiving Life from the Heart not the Head. In this Session we start diving into this broad topic by looking at what went ‘wrong’ in the first place. How come we as human beings dropped out of the heart? 

Dharma Session #4: Dealing With Negative Entities

In this session we talked about what happened in humanity so that negative forces were able to enter into our minds. This time we take a deeper look into solutions on how to deal with these entities ruling our minds. 

Dharma Session #5: Live on May 23rd - 12PM EST

We are meeting again this Saturday for another Dharma Live Session.

What Our Members Have To Say

Praise for Joshua and the Dharma Portal

I feel deep gratitude for Joshua and the life enhancing, consciousness and heart expanding offerings that he has provided through the Dharma Portal website. It serves as an oasis for me and for us all who are ready – a sanctuary for open minded, kindred souls who seek truth, evolution and possibility. It is here, coupled with the weekly Live Events , where I take refuge amidst the pandemonium of the world today and partake in this momentous collective shift. 

Joshua feels like a brother to me, and his intentions are pure. He’s the real deal folks, a revealer of secrets, someone who pans for the golden nuggets of awareness, sifting out the BS, and delivering them to us on a cosmic platter. Lol. His discernment and intuition are uncanny — a master detective, researcher, communicator, an agent of transformation in divine service powered by a HUGE heart. We are so fortunate to have access to such well researched, soul inspiring information. And to have you, Master Joshua.

Since the passing of my beloved 5 years ago, I began to apply and share what I have learned through Joshua’s platform. I even became a water wizard! That and dedicated practice of Zhineng Qigong teamed up to get me through the dark night passage. The Live Events are a super highlight. I’m finding them deeply explorative, eye opening, riveting, engaging, relevant and integral to my life. As I write, I am breathing in pure hydrogen and drinking hydrogen water from the Holy HydroFix hydrogen device — so motivated was I by Josh’s  interview with Hydrogen Man. Took the plunge and glad I did. 

To express the depth of my appreciation goes beyond words. Suffice it to say, I’m a lucky guy to have discovered the Dharma Portal. May others be as fortunate. Further!

In boundless joy,  Zayne

I’ve been following Joshua’s teachings for quite a while now, started from the days with his former partner several years back. 
Now he’s coming back again offering an array of multi-faceted topics that’re integrative, timely and practical, whether it’s about how to protect ourselves from coronavirus, EMF/5G, using hydrogen and alternative remedies for health, breath work, how to live a purpose-driven heart-based life .. with few surprise teasers and bonus topics! I’ve found myself now waiting eagerly for our Saturday meetups every week – which honestly, I only wish we could do more often as each time when we’re nearing closing time – it’s like, not yet Pleazzz ... 😉
Joshua is not just another teacher to me, he has gone through a tried and tested life that is extremely rareas such, his life mission is awe-inspiring, boldly far reaching and indepth at once, with his 20-20 vision of life that very few teachers I know of possess. Even as he’s loaded with wisdom, at once he is also child-like that makes him entirely relatable and adorable .. maybe that’s why his webinar group is very loyal, including me! I’ve not missed a single one of his talks since his return even as our time difference is not entirely easy for me. At times, some of his sharing could be thought provoking, but it’s always mind-expanding while he connects with everyone at the mind and heart levels so naturally. 
The only way to really know what this meetup group is about is to experience at least a few times of the weekly webinars, at a very affordable fee for everyone. Many teachers would charge a bomb for his wisdom and timely take-home advice, but I believe that his mission is not about that, but rather to reach as many people as he could as to help wake up humanity at a convoluted time such as this. For one, things are Never what they appear to be, as I’ve learned; for two, be prepared that you might not wanna leave once you join the tribe! 
Along with everyone, I am only grateful for having crossed the path of Joshua with his inspiring teachings, but by no accident. 
VK 🙏💙

Joshua and his video programs are awesome. Can’t say enough about them. I have learned so much from him. He’s a great researcher and shares where he got his information from and where to purchase anything he talks about. He doesn’t make anything on this either. If you want a healthier, happier body, mind, and spirit, he’s the go-to person.  

Love and Joy, Joan K.

Fantastic! Uplifting! Great reminder about playing, laughing, gathering and heart-based living with each other.

These webinars that you give are building a group consciousness, a place we can go in our hearts in between webinars and feel the company of each other. So very thrilled to be part of this, and excited to see where this group consciousness will take us and who will join along the way. A mass movement of JOY.

Thank you, Josh, from the heart of my bottom! (You did say you wanted humor… 🤣)


To me Josh is a brother, teacher, mentor, guardian angel, spiritual warrior and a teddy bear. He is so generous to share his knowledges and his wisdom. He is practical. He is funny. There was a time where I could not see beyond my own limitations. I was suffering so much because I was in the mind. Josh showed me a new way. He introduced me to breath work two years ago. It changed my life forever. As a front line nurse I take care of Covid patients daily, I’m experiencing a lot of stress and distress. The tools he shared with me are very helpful during this crazy time. I feel like I can ask him anything and I know he will assist me without any hesitation. I feel very luck and grateful to have met Josh. 

Thank you Josh! Deep gratitude! 


Hi Joshua, just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the amazing work you are doing. The information and knowledge you share is incredibly beneficial and powerful on so many levels. Thanks to your live event about the heart last Saturday a wall around my heart has begun to come down that has enabled me to see things I couldn’t see before. I had an experience yesterday that was emotionally painful but instead of my heart closing down and my mind taking over, I was able to hold the space and my heart just opened more and felt stronger. You are a wonderful teacher and guide and I love your humour. There are no words to express how grateful I am. Thank you thank you thank you from my heart to yours.
Shirley, London UK

I have known Joshua for many years and have always been listening with great Joy to what he has to share – the depth of his knowledge and wisdom is immense! And he is also funny and genuine and it’s very sweet. In each event he is hosting every week I learn something new and discover new dimensions of myself – I’m on a very deep spiritual quest and it’s getting more and more interesting 🙂

Thank you, Joshua, for being my teacher. I’m very grateful that I’ve met you on my spiritual Path, many Blessings to you and this project, much love from my heart 🙂


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