Successful High-Dose Vitamin C Treatment of Patients with Serious and Critical COVID-19 Infection

Are you still in fear based reality? Just keep in mind this is what they want. 
This Virus is a joke. “They” know it but don’t want you to know it too. 
It’s blasted up totally out of proportions in mainstream media in full power to mess with your mind. 
To take you out of your center, steal your inner peace and activate your survival instincts. 
No need for all that… Really. 
I’ll be sharing easy remedies. Things you’re not allowed to see on YouTube or Facebook. So stay on this email list. Pay attention… some of it I won’t deliver on a silver platter. You need to think. And please share to your friends and loved ones. Send them to the Forum. It’s all posted in there. All of it as I get it in my hands will be in your hands too. 
No fear. Empower your self. 
Now to Vitamin C. 
China’s infection numbers have tanked. Why? Some MD with more than 3 brain cells to play with had the brilliant idea to do Vitamin C IV on his patients. (I could have told them so from day 1, but oh well I don’t have a MD after my name so who cares.) 
Results? People get well. Oh Wauw… surprise. 
Well let me tell you a secret. You can do this with Oral Vitamin C too.
On another note… I know I’m going to get emails about how “bad” ascorbic acid is and its not real vitamin C etc. 
I have felt it on my own body. And seen it in others. The awesome healing power of ascorbic acid and I really don’t care what some papers say about it. 
My body knows. Like millions of others do too. I know the arguments and I don’t buy into it. I can debunk it but really don’t need to. 
Also 2x Nobels price winner Linus Paulin agrees with me on this one. Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid ROCKS. 
Now… again please share these emails. To EVERYBODY. Tell them to stop worrying. 
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If you’re still confused it’s your own fault then. 
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Cures, what’s going on behind the “veil” and what this Corona Virus Circus is all about. 
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You will walk away from it feeling INVINCIBLE. 0 fear. That’s a promise. 

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It’s really a circus out there. We are locked up. People in fear and panic. It’s retarded. Seriously. 
Don’t believe the hype out there. Empower your self with knowledge. 
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Don’t worry the forum won’t infect you with anything but Empowerment. Oh and its free 😉 
You’re NOT alone. 
You’re loved. 
In service,

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