UV Light Kills COVID-19

Did you know that UV light kills the Covid-19 virus instantly?

Why not give your face a blast of healthy UV light, get a tan and kill the Virus before it enters deeper into the body? 

The Virus lingers for the first 5 days in your throat, eyes and mouth area before going deeper into the system. You might make life hard for it by using UV lamps. 

You will also produce vitamin D3 as well which is proven to protect you from Virus attacks at the same time. 

Most MD’s put their patients on 5.000-10.000IU of supplemented vitamin D3. But why not let the body make the real thing instead? In just a few minutes a day. 

This is the UV Lamp I had recommended due to its unique proportions of UVA and UVB. 

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This guy’s wife gained massive D3 levels from using it: 

Take care,

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