Corona Virus Is Easily Hacked. No Fear Everyone.

The world is changing by the hour. At this point everyone is involved and now is the time to be strong. Apply your knowledge and don’t buy into Fear.

This doesn’t mean hugging everybody you meet on the street, but to just be smart. Do the right thing. From the right place inside of your self. Stay in your hearts and use your head at the same time.

In this video I will be sharing one of several remedies to any viral infections you might have. Mother Nature always has an answer to any problem.  

I will be sending out videos every few days with the best remedies for Optimizing Your Immune System, removing any immune suppressing elements in your environment and some simple daily actions that will make sure that you won’t become part of the coming statistics. All for free in your inbox.

Our Free Dharma Portal Forum is back UP. Im posting new information and science around Covid-19 pretty much daily now, as we are in the middle of a global pandemic and it’s time the world wakes up to everything that is going on right now.

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There is MUCH more going on in the background behind the scenes than “just” the Virus. Something BIG is happening. This and much more I will be speaking about in intimate details in the Immune System Live Event on April 11th. 

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There is a lot of confusion out there. Lots of misinformation. Fear tactics. Manipulations.
Im spending all day filtering through it all to provide you with the most solid facts.

So please share this email to your list. Spread the information. We are in this together and need to be strong as a collective force of light-workers.

This simple hack I’m sharing here might save someones life. More videos will be sent out over the following days.

Unfortunately soon we will all know someone who is sick and needs this.

Thank You,

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