MMS, Fear & Crucial Information

Today I’m sharing another powerful remedy for the Covid-19 Virus. 

I keep on sharing these tools for you to relax and feel in total control of this thing. 


Do I think this is a dangerous virus? Actually I don’t. I think the media is overhyping this “pandemic”. The more I learn, the more I see that this is mass media manipulation. 

But the worst we can have is you feeling FEAR inside. So there are 2 ways to attack this issue:

1) Give you tons of powerful tools… so in the unlikely event you get in actual trouble you know what to do and this virus will have no chance whatsoever. 

2) Educate you on what’s really going on here. So you see through the mass hysteria and don’t join the “hypnosis” of fear. 

For education, those of you who read books I highly recommend you to get these 2 books:

Virus Mania – by Torsten Engelbrecht and Robert Kennedy
This will blow the lid open on the Virus scam going on right now. 

The invisible Rainbow – by Arthur Firstenberg
This will open your eyes as to why people are getting sick now. And the connection to Corona Virus and 5G. 

I consider BOTH books equally important. If you read these 2 it’s game over in trying to manipulate you into fear. Period. 

Also… Yesterday I was just reminded that FEAR sets itself in the LUNGS. Isn’t it interesting? So if you’re having trouble breathing these days maybe check in on any subconscious fears being triggered for you?

I’ll be speaking in greater detail about the Virus hysteria, Fear and how to deal with all this in the Live event coming up. Many things I cannot share on emails so I keep them for the Live Event.

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Anyway… back to MMS. It’s a very powerful tool. 

This is why I made todays video for you. 


Here is the water filter I mentioned: 

>> Katadyn Pocket Water Filter

Don’t let fear touch you.

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