Cheap & Easily Available Hack For Your Immune System

The human body’s own intelligence is beyond our own imagination. Over 80% of the people infected don’t even have symptoms. Why? Because the body simply can deal with the infection. 

So how can we support our body as much as possible so it can do its job?

Well first… by relaxing. Take a deep breath. Rest that mind of yours a bit. 

Worry and stress suppress your immune system. So chill out. Relax. 

And get some good rest at night. Deep rest means that the body repairs itself, recharges and beats whatever invaders you got in your system that day. Turn off the T.V. 

Here in this video I share my favourite way to relax the body and prepare it for a good night of rest.

The best thing about this is even during lockdown pharmacies and supermarkets are open. And now you can make cheap & highly bio-available magnesium bicarbonate. 


Immune System - Live Event

Learn everything you need to know to Boost Your Immune System and protect yourself against Viral Infections. After this Live Event you’ll be equipped with all the tools you need to make yourself bullet proof. 

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