Fear Sets Itself In The Lungs Emotionally

Imagine you’re driving your car and suddenly someone jumps right out in front of you. 

You will slam the breaks but also take a deep breath into your lungs and NOT down in your belly like when you’re breathing relaxed and at peace. 

This state of fearful breath into your chest is the state the global collective consciousness of humanity is in right now. 

It’s the reptilian fight or flight response the collective is in right now. 

Fear and grief is in the lungs. Humanity is feeling both right now. Our rights are taken away from us. We are under house arrest and lock down. Plus many are in fear of what is happening. 

Those of us who can snap out of it and wake up from the dream have to. Right now. To lead the way for others to follow. 

Start by doing breath work every morning when you wake up. Breathe out the anxiety of humanity. Process it and release it. 

This “invisible” enemy is like this collective entity setting itself in the lungs of humanity. We can transcend this. Breathe through it. 

So if you do not know how to do breath work I recommend you trying to find some of the many online teachers who will guide you through many various techniques. 

I will also guide some powerful breath work on the live event 11th of April. 

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Open up the chest. Open up the Heart. No Fear. All compassionate Love. 

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