MD's Say It's A 100% Cure Rate... But You Can't Have It

An old malaria drug that’s been used for over 70 years, costs peanuts and is widely available world wide… at least until “they” found out it kills Corona Virus, was found to save peoples lives. 

When I learned about it I went to the pharmacy in Ecuador to get some. I found a few boxes. Now enough for my close friends but I could easily order more. It would arrive 2 days later. 
I was asked what it’s for and I said it’s taking care of Virus Infections. 

I came back 2 days later to pick it up and the pharmacist told me he was not allowed to sell it to me. 

By whom? And why? Maybe by the same people who created and spread the virus?

When Trump announced to the nation that all doctors should try using this to save people’s lives 2 days later all over mainstream media and social media were fear mongering articles of 2 Nigerians and 1 US male killing themselves by overdosing on this drug. 

Coincidence? Is this serving 2 purposes? A political purpose and depopulation purpose? 

Someone somewhere doesn’t want you to survive this. And someone somewhere wants to disrupt the economic and political situation. Hmmm …

In the meantime MD’s are saving lives.

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I am getting more and more connected to people around the world these days and have “inside” information I cannot share with you as otherwise I will endanger other people and myself. 

But I tell you this: 95% of the information you see out there is not true. It’s misinformation. It’s manipulation. They play on the human psyche more than you think. 

I will reveal some of these things. As much as I can. In the upcoming Live Event I’ll be holding. 

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You deserve to know.
This is getting way out of hand now. 

Until next time. 


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