This Super-Herb is used by MD's for Corona Virus Infections in the Lungs

Dietrich Klinghardt’s protocols:

On another more dark note there is a LOT of noise out there in regards to who, why and what is going on in the world. I will be making more videos about this in the future. A lot of “HOPIUM” stories are being sold to you these days by people who do not know what they are talking about. 

We gobble it up with great enthusiasm so we can feel better about what we see happening in the world. 

We all want big “daddy” to come and save us so we don’t need to take responsibility ourselves and pick up the “flag” as it’s already being done for us. Right? 

It’s the human condition. So in the human psyche our saviour is either Trump, The White Hats, The Pleiadians or the Alliance. 

So we can just sit back relax and wait for it all being done for us. 

I compare this with us being a bunch of cows on the way to the slaughter house. We know where we are going but “someone” is telling us ‘Don’t worry. “We” will save you JUST before you enter. And we are tearing down the whole place too.’

This will make you obedient. Relax. Have “faith” and do absolutely nothing. 

Perfect Sheeple. 

There is something called “controlled opposition”. Research its meaning. 

When you have been in the “conspiracy game” for as long as I have you pretty much have seen it all come and go while our liberties are slowly being taken away one fairytale after another. 

There is no arrests happening. They own the courts. Wake up. 
They don’t want cures. 
They want economic disaster. 

When it comes to the Virus I want you to chill out. It’s treatable. Im in communication with several medical people and they are curing the infections. I’ll send out more on this later too. 

The Virus isn’t really the problem. But they use it to “stop the world” so they can get what they want. A medical police state. Forced vaccinations. Nano chipping everyone. Cashless society. 5G everywhere and destroying private businesses so its all run by global corporations only. 

This is the same old story as always: (great sobering video)

Here is a Russian explaining how the state takes over the corporations. This is happening right now everywhere. Not just China. Its the “bailouts” you’re going to be hearing about in the future:

I know this is not the positive good news you might have wanted but its time we stop this hopium addiction as it just makes you compliant and living in a make-believe world that doesn’t exist. 

Let’s rise up and create the world WE want to live in. Not the world we are being TOLD we live in. 


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