Jet Lag

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  • Post category:Water A Little Trick for Jetlag Here is a little trick you can use for Jetlag that works every time. Get The Complete Masterclass My greatest wish and hope is for…

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SOLE Water

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  • Post category:Water SOLE Water Someone at the live event asked me about Sole Water and how to use it. It' s very powerful and the body loves it.  Get The Complete Masterclass My greatest wish and hope…

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Rainbow Diet

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  • Post category:Water Your Body Has All Colors of the Rainbow Within The ancient peoples of the past had a specific way of cleansing themselves by eating some foods only of 1…

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Ice Baths

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  • Post category:Water Simple Trick to Feel Amazing This healing tool is easy to do and has been scientifically proven to be as effective as medication for Depression and Anxiety. Even if you are not…

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Heart Not A Pump

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  • Post category:Water Your Heart Is Not a Pump That little muscle is simply not strong enough to push the blood out in the many miles of capillaries.This is not just me saying this. Science…

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Repetitive Thoughts

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  • Post category:Water 98% of Your Thoughts Are Repetitive We truly run on automatic most of our waking hours. 90-98% of our thoughts are repeating themselves every single day. We are stuck in a loop…

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Akashic Records

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  • Post category:Water Are You Thirsty For Truth? I'll be going into some pretty outrageous thoughts on what Water really is here.This is why it's CRUCIAL for the coming Ascension Event. This is the KEY to…

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Water Fasting

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  • Post category:Water Releasing Your Deepest Blockages is Possible I'll be introducing what I consider maybe the most powerful tool to stop negative thinking and release Depression & Anxiety. Shift your life in a…

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Sri Yantra

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  • Post category:Water Secret of the Sri Yantra & Patrick Flanagan You are going to love this piece of information. And you will never look at sunlight the same way again. I don’t know about…

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