Do You Want To Inhale PVC Plastic Gasses From "Hydrogen" Devices?

We’ll neither do I. 

But you will if you are using a Brown’s Gas Device that is being sold as a “Hydrogen” Device. 

Remember I told you they put Lye in the water? 

Otherwise they cannot create the electrolysis needed. 

Well here are some facts: 

1) Lye has aluminium in it. That is what’s making it HOT when mixing it with water. 

2) PVC pipes (like the ones in the browns gas device I showed you yesterday) get soft and release MORE gas when in contact with a caustic like Lye. 

3) When electrolysis happens over many hours of usage it gets VERY hot. So hot you cannot touch it with your hands on the OUTSIDE of the PVC pipe. How hot is it on the INSIDE? PVC pipes release MORE gas when hot. 

4) here is what one website said about Lye: Caustic lye products pose other dangers to surfaces. They can dissolve substances to the user’s advantage, such as hair clogs in a shower drain, as well as to the user’s detriment, such as the adjacent shower curtain. In fact, these products can damage and corrode paint, metal, cloth, plastic and especially skin. It can be so reactive that, in its solid form, it should be kept away from metals.

There you have it folks. Hot off-gassing. Aluminium. Caustic agent IN the pipe 24/7 reacting to the PVC. 

You STILL think this is a good idea to breathe in? If yes please go ahead 😉

You STILL think bubbling this gas into 2 cups of water will make it all disappear? I had lung pains when using this device. Along with a swollen throat and headaches.

So if you wish to tap into Hydrogen, there are better ways. Even cheaper. Megahydrate capsules as an example.

Other ways too. I’ll get into this in the Hydrogen Live Event.

Water is Sacred. We are entering the Age of Aquarius. We NEED to start listening to our Mother Earth. What is she saying to us? 

Is this really the best we can do folks?

Water and Hydrogen is the alchemical unifications between Heaven and Earth. 

Let’s do this justice. Let’s sing the song of PURITY. Respect. And compassion for the elements. 

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