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Many have told me to write a book about my life as there is so much to share. Here I am talking about my Story as many asked and I guess you wanted to know who this guy is.

Joshua had his 1st out of 4 Near Death experiences already at age 3 when he was drowning in a swimming pool. Being dead for several minutes and afterwards 2 weeks in an oxygen tent to repair his lungs from the Chlorine damage set the stage for him growing up with a different view on what we call life on Earth. You could say he got a strong reminder already at an early age of where we all come from as he vividly remembers the “other side”, the information given to him and also our own true inner being of who we really are.

You can say he grew up understanding from direct experience at a young age that we are multidimensional beings living in a dream state we call 3D life. He has a very down to earth approach to spirituality as it has been an integrated part of his existence since then.

Born in 1971 in Scandinavia he was quite an outsider in the spiritual sense as back then people didn’t even know what consciousness, awakening or dimensions were.

His parents often found him in his room meditating, doing Yoga Asanas, chanting mantras etc. He didn’t even know himself what he was doing, it was something he intuitively knew how to do.

Attracted to the Eastern approach of things he ended up training Japanese Martial Arts in a large local Dojo with many people. This served him well as a way to release the frustrations and problems of growing up in a family unit that wasn’t geared towards supporting his out-of-this-world reality.

He soon realized grown-ups are basically insane and do not understand who they really are.

The 2nd Near Death Experience Joshua had was around age 21. He was shown the exact same visions as he saw at age 3, only this time it was easier to put words to it and explain what he saw. Keep in mind back then there was nobody talking about Mayan Calendars, Ascension, dimensions or enlightenment. Unless you knew what to look for in the library, or you flew to India to meet a teacher.


He saw that this whole world is nothing but a grain of sand and exists only in a blink of an eye. That Time and Space are illusions and this body-mind complex is just a dream body created by our own divine Self. That we are here to live, learn and love. That we are here to explore this level of reality and experience what we call human life in all its forms and expressions.

He entered higher dimensional realities breaking through one after another until he reached pure source consciousness. On each level of realities that he penetrated were millions of other beings living out their own dream/body/mind lives. But they knew the truth of their being. They never forgot. It’s only on such a vibrationally low-level plane as 3D Earth we seem to have been able to actually forget the foundational understanding of unity consciousness.

The experience of totally dissolving with source left portions of Joshua’s personal body-mind blueprint either void or highly changed. His life has since then been dedicated to helping people remember for themselves this universal truth of their own inner being.

He also saw how humanity is in a huge collective global transformation, getting ready for “graduation” and preparing for a new way of life on a higher vibrational existence. He saw how the ascension process is unfolding right now – step by step – as we grow, learn and refine ourselves. But he also saw that there will be a moment in time where the Sun will emit a huge “pulse” of spiritual energies instantly changing all life on Earth as we know it. Everything happening right now is a preparation for this Event.

Some humans feel this call to prepare and these are the people he has been committed to guide since his early 20ies.

He took various “alternative” routes in his life to further develop tools to help people with whatever was holding them back. He is a teacher of Healing Arts, Kriya Yoga, several body therapy forms, Spiritual coaching etc. At one point he was running 2 of his own healing clinics working on clients while also teaching Martial Arts in his own Dojo.

Many people have had life changing breakthroughs with Joshua. Some completely transforming their lives after decades of being stuck in the same story or situation. He genuinely cares for anyone willing to look at themselves and do the work necessary to break free from whatever is holding us back in life.

Joshua’s approach is very grounded and straight forward. No hype. No pink new age unicorn fluffy stuff. His spirituality is genuine and direct. He dismantles many new age belief systems, so his audience has to have a certain level of maturity to appreciate the information delivered.

Joshua became a National Champion in Martial Arts in his early 20ies and carried a black belt in several styles, but retired from competing already in his late 20ies, so he could focus more on his mission. This day he is still teaching in a small Dojo with very few students and enjoying sharing the beautiful benefits that traditional fighting styles have to offer. On top of that his students join him on his frequent Sauna and Ice Bath sessions while sharing great stories of the beyond.

In his 30ies he was facilitating work with a powerful entheogen called Iboga for people from all over the world, but wanting to reach more people he decided to refocus his attention towards the online communities.

He lives in a remote village up in the Andes mountains where many switched on foreigners come because of its healing energies, high vibrational vortex energies, great structured water and pristine living. For the last 10 years he has done public speaking online for 1000s of people on live events and via interviews etc. His 2 other Near Death Experiences only deepened his knowledge and desire to help as many people as possible to find out who they really are and what their purpose in life is.

He is also interested in science and how it can bring one closer to understanding the nuances of this reality.

His passion is optimizing and biohacking all aspects of life. Changing the mind and body into a more receptive state so it can bring about transformation and wisdom integrated with the Spirit. According to Josh this defines a modern Yogi in todays age. After all your a spiritual being having a human experience, not the other way around.

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