Joshua was off for an interesting life devoted to spirituality and consciousness right from the beginning due to 4 near death experiences where the first of them was already at age 3.

The first time he died was when he drowned in a swimming pool, flatlining for several minutes, resulting in a life altering experience on the other side that would remind him of our true origins and what’s about to happen in this special lifetime on Earth for humanity.

Joshua saw how the human consciousness is about to do a quantum leap on a planetary scale ushering in a new gold age.

This was back in the 70ies where no-one was talking about these things. And look at the world today.

Imagine being initiated into many deep esoteric insights only to be put inside a 3 year old body afterwards to integrate the whole thing in this 3D reality having no language or skills to express what is already known.

Suffice to say he was early on a very quiet “outsider” keeping mostly to himself in childhood. He could get lost watching an anthill for hours emerging into different universes within universes.

At one point his Father was worried that something was wrong with him due to his quiet nature. He was not like the “other boys” so he had him tested if anything was wrong with his brain. The brain was fine, he just lived in 2 worlds at all times.

His Clairvoyant abilities were broken wide open in a world where the understanding of consciousness and spirituality was understood only little.

It took him way into his teens before he started understanding the difference between his own feelings and thoughts, and other peoples own thoughts and feelings.

His childhood was traumatic with violence, abuse and alcoholism on top of a heightened sensitivity teaching him early on about the various polarizing aspects of the human psyche.

You could say he was on the super highway of learning the human game as fast as possible.

While equipped with a teenagers cascading hormones, clairvoyance, and a mixed mentality of highly knowledgeable insights, add plenty of childhood traumas with a twist of ancestral baggage, he ended up with plenty of negative emotions and twisted belief systems about the world.

Abusing his natural born Clairvoyance early on he ended up getting cut off in a dramatic fashion.

One day in a Bar when freaking everybody out at the table telling publicly the deepest secrets of each individual no-one is supposed to know he simply got cut off by his “friends” on the other side.

The message was: “You’re not responsible enough to have these abilities. We will cut you off.”

That was a huge shift for him as he now found himself “alone” for the first time and had to operate from the same place as anyone else. Besides his path in life was not around clairvoyance. His path would be revealed later in life.

Around 9 years of age he was attracted to Martial Arts and luckily found a great mentor in his first Judo teacher.

After 6-7 years of Judo he got attracted to a top school of Shotokan Karate. This was clearly where he belonged and felt very comfortable training.

Within few short years he was already a Black Belt, competed in tournaments and won them. He became the National Champion and started competitions internationally.

His whole life evolved around martial arts. Keeping the spiritual aspects alive and well while being active in the Sport of Karate.

At the same time he took educations in government licensed deep tissue massage therapy, various healing arts and Psycho spiritual traditions. He initiated people into the traditions and had 3 clinics of his own seeing clients every day.

Joshua met his spiritual master around age 21 in spirit but it would take him another few years before he actually met him in the physical. Around the same time he had his 2nd near death experience to further remind him of his purpose in life.

Again the same message around this huge planetary event. Only this time in much greater details and with a body & mind that actually could hold and comprehend the information. This was back in the early 90ies.

This was the pivotal point in his life where he made a total change dedicating every fiber of his being to only one thing: Cultivating and blossoming of consciousness within himself and others.

He did many silence retreats. Took on a serious spiritual daily practice and managed to attract multiple mystical experiences and levels of awakening within. A deepening was easily accessible due to his Near Death Experiences already priming him for these aspects of perception of reality.

Many trips to Japan and India where he met Masters, Gurus, Swamis etc. Temples and Asrams became daily life for him. Exploring the ancient teachings to further his understanding of the cosmos and consciousness.

His martial arts became much more peaceful and his students had to get used to a whole new way of training.

His clients where given homework to fix themselves instead of relying on Joshua to do it for them.

He was teaching both martial arts in his own Dojo and Kriya yoga in different places including prisons. At one point his calling for India was so strong he sold all his belongings, quit his school and clinics and left to become a monk in India.

Little did he know that THIS lifetime the universe had different plans for him. He had done the monk thing too many lifetimes and now was the time to be IN the world and share of himself.

So after 3 months in India it became apparent God had other plans and he simply had to leave India to be in the world of civilization. Not knowing where next he left to Thailand.

One of the ways he could see was a great tool to bring people to the place of no places. The void. The Zero point where identity collapses was through the Shamanic initiation of Iboga plant. He was initiated in this practice already few years back and the plant and the facilitator adopted him to be a facilitator himself for this plant spirit. He was mentored for years before India and now found the calling in Thailand to start offering this initiation to others.

People flew in from all over the world to meet this Iboga spirit in 1 on 1 sessions. Some with good break throughs while others with little change in perception of their reality. After 10 years he decided to relocate to South America where the new kundalini of the earth is residing.

Up in the Andes mountains he is currently living in a little spiritual community where the awareness is flourishing and the Veil is thin. He is on a mission to share of his visions from the other side with a twist added of all kinds of “bio hacks” on how to optimize life in general for better well being of body, mind and spirit.