Soke Keido Yamaue – Interview With A True Ki Master

Soke Keido Yamaue – 10th degree Ki Master and Direct lineage back into the ancient Samurai families is here in this interview going through his very fascinating family history.

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Some of his Ki Performance:…


I started training martial arts at age 9 onwards. From my first day I was hooked. I managed to achieve several black belts and even win the national championship back in the good old days when my body was at its peak.

Around that time I met this Japanese Ki master who turned everything I thought I knew upside down and put me on a journey into understanding what Internal Ki Power really means. Where you don’t rely on muscles but on internal strength.

He is one of the few genuine Ki Masters on this planet. 10th degree black belt. High Priest in Daishoji Imperial Temple of Japan and one of the direct living ancestral lineages of the Samurai Clans going back over 800 years.

I did a long awaited interview with him about his family background and History. It’s quite a fascinating story and I wanted to document this on video. It’s finally done.

Now some of you will for sure be skeptical and a non believer. Trust me I was too. Coming from an Elite level Karate back ground I was NOT going to just lay down and play dead. In fact… he pulled me randomly out of a crowd to demonstrate on me the first time we ever met. I was ready to demolish him to show him his so called “Ki” wouldn’t work on me. (I was a wild one back then. Its over 2 decades ago)

The rest is history…

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