Sacred Geometry Used to Enhance Your Water for Health & Longevity

I knew this crazy inventor from Norway over 25 years ago that not only had an open mind but also understood sacred geometry and its base patterns in Nature.

He created a simple yet very powerful Scalar device he called the Quantum Star.

I will discuss the whole background story of this device in the Water Weekend Retreat. How it came into being (crazy story)… and how to use it.

It’s based on something called Merkaba Science. It is literally creating a spinning rotating scalar field that can be measured over 800 meters away.

Used correctly this will bring a huge advantage to your water on how to program it and how to energize it to fit your own specific needs.

I will share WHERE you can buy this device at the Water Weekend Retreat for those who attend as I wish to make sure you understand this technology before just running out there and play with it on your own.

There are many devices sold out there that can imprint your water but this one has an advantage above them all. I’ll get into this during the Water Weekend Retreat. See you there.

Here I show just a little quick way on how one can use it.

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