What About Me?

I have a very, very powerful exercise I would like to share with you. Who would like to learn how to become depressed within 10-15 minutes?Well, I guess this is not, you know, the most attractive offer I’m having right now and I don’t recommend you to try it out but I’ll just share this as an example of how to make yourself depressed. The reason I’m sharing it is because a lot of us are doing it already without knowing it.

An intense, focused way of making yourself depressed within 10-15 minutes is you just do this: you take a chair, you find a corner in a room, you take this chair and point it towards the corner of the room. You sit in this chair, you look at the corner, you ignore everything around you and you just sit and focus on yourself asking one question: what about me? What about me?

Like, really, really try to ask yourself How are you going to be? What about me in my future? What’s going to happen? How about me? How do I feel right now? And me, me, me, me, me, me, me. If you do the whole “me, me, me,” just do the mantra called “What about me? And me, me, me, me” for 15 minutes and I guarantee you, you’re not going to feel good. You’re most likely going to be depressed.

And so, the reason why I’m bringing this exercise up is because the mind functions on serving itself all the time. It’s like if you’re driving a car and you have a GPS, awesome. You can find your way everywhere. But it’s not the GPS driving the car, right? If the GPS is trying to drive the car, you’re going to crash. Actually, not even going to go anywhere, but let’s just say it could get it to drive, then you’re going to crash.

Here’s the thing: we don’t let the mind drive the car. So, what we’re doing is we’re making it tell us where to go but we’re going to go. We are the ones going there, right? It’s the same thing with our minds. We have a mind because we can read books, we can learn stuff. We can talk, we can communicate. It’s a tool. It helps us in so many ways.

But we cannot let it drive our lives. We cannot let it run our lives. And so, the whole point here is to make sure that when the GPS had fulfilled its services, what it needs to do, we put it in the glove compartment and just let it be there. And then, we drive the car. And you will be surprised how little thought process you need to have and how little your mind needs to be used to actually go through life and make it a beautiful, epic life. It’s way, way less than we’ve been taught in our civilisation.

So, basically, with this new technique you just learned called “What about me?” sitting in a corner, asking yourself what about me? What is the opposite? The opposite is to merge with everybody, to see the unity of everything as a direct experience. And then, it’s not the me anymore, it’s the we.

And so, for example, you meet a lot of people going to work everyday – for example at the stock market – only focused on making money out of money, out of thin air. Just nonstop, everyday, it’s only about you becoming more and more rich. There’s no service going on for others.

Imagine if you’re in that consciousness, “What about me?” all the time. If you just keep on running that mantra, you’re going to end up depressed. You’re going to end up not feeling good about yourself. And so, living in the heart has a lot more to do with being at service for others and seeing the greater vision that you are part of a larger organism called humanity. And so, I’m not saying just give everything you have and only worry about other people because there’s a balance to be had.

You know, love includes, never excludes. And so, if it’s including everybody, it also includes you. So of course, you need to do things that take care of yourself.

But if you run that program nonstop about yourself, you’re going to end up depressed because now, the only purpose you have in life is to make yourself more rich or to just get more, be more for yourself only. That’s not a totally positive, you know, way of going about life.

I think this would work maybe 50 years ago, 100 years ago, but not now. There’s a lot of changes on planet earth right now happening and those people who are running around at service for themselves only all the time, at the expense of others, they’re going to be what we call not frequency specific to this planet anymore and they’ll be filtered out slowly as time goes by because now, humanity is waking up to a much grander experience of itself as one unity consciousness, and that is to enter the heart and living in the heart.

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