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What’s Inside Dharma Portal Academy?

1- Weekly Live Calls

You will have access to 4 live streams every month from your teacher, Joshua. You will be able to write chat questions and get answers promptly. Plus you will have the opportunity to derive the entire conversation on any topic that you like, to make the experience as customized as possible.

2- Archive Access

You will have instant access to 100+ previous live sessions and workshops around biohacking, spirituality, and consciousness so you can immerse yourself in transformative teachings when you have some free time.

3 – Access To Private Community 

You’ll get access to a private group of 5,000+ like-minds, where Joshua will personally post interesting facts and answer the questions that’s most plaguing you on your spiritual journey.

4 – 30 Day FREE Trial 

You can simply join for a FULL month (30 days) and if the membership didn’t meet all your expectations, you can cancel anytime. If the smallest thing goes wrong, you can just send me an email and I am going to cancel your membership. No questions asked.

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Meet Your Teacher

For the past 10 years Joshua has brought deep channeled knowledge and personal understanding to the field of spirituality to thousands of people.

Many people have had life changing breakthroughs with him. Some have completely transformed their lives after decades of being stuck in the same story or situation. He genuinely cares for anyone willing to look at themselves and do the work necessary to break free from the matrix and basically everything that’s holding us back in life.

Joshua’s approach is very grounded and straight forward. No hype. No pink new age unicorn fluffy stuff. His spirituality is genuine and direct. He dismantles many new age belief systems, so his audience has to have a certain level of maturity to appreciate the information delivered.

Imagine For A Second What You Can Experience Inside Dharma Portal

Forward momentum in your life

By unplugging from the matrix you’ll start experiencing more control and liberation over their life. You will move forward and release what is holding you back.

A calmer state of mind 

You’ll finally be able to live a life of peace, no drama, more self-control, and the ability to handle any stressful situation. This will help you return to the present moment and allow your mind to rest.

A connection to your divinity 

You’ll learn how to deepen the connection with your divinity, the source of all light and life within you, and your true motivation for living. You’ll be shown an easier, better, more joyful way to live.

Live your truth and follow your heart 

Inside Dharma Portal you will be able to discover yourself on a deep inner level and start transforming out of old patterning and beliefs that are holding you back.

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What Thousands Of Students Are Saying About Dharma Portal

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Will The Live Sessions Be Recorded? Will There Be A Replay?

Yes, for each of the weekly live events there will be a replay. So don’t worry if you cannot make it to one of the live streams. The replay will be sent to your inbox after the live event.

Will I Be Able To Ask Questions? 

Yes – using ZOOM you will be able to write us your question or switch on your webcam and ask your question on video. We are going to be stopping for questions and answers very often during these live events, the interaction is what makes it fun.

Can I Share This Event With Friends? 

When you register you will be able to attend with one computer, but that doesn’t stop you from sharing the live events with a loved one or friend. You can participate together.

When Will The Next Live Event Take Place and What Time?

The live streams take place each Sunday at 10AM Eastern Time.

Weekly Live Calls

You will have Access to 4 Live Streams every month and be able to ask Joshua Anything. 

Archive Access

You will have instant access to all previous Live Sessions. Watch in your own time. 

Private Community

You will be member of the Private Forums and able to ask Exclusive Questions. 

30 Day Trial

Join us for 30 Days and make up your mind. You can Cancel your Trial at any time. 

Unlimited Academy Access

Start Learning from our 5 Best Selling Online Courses giving you a Holistic Approach to Personal Transformation.

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